RB 450

450  The RB450 is a five port ethernet router with serial port and power jack for OEM applications.

The RB450 includes a switch chip, which means that it’s five ports can be combined to function as a switch increasing port to port communication speed.

The RB450 series are your perfect wired router for installations where wireless interfaces are not required.

Product specifications

Product code RB450
CPU speed 300MHz
Architecture MIPS-BE
LAN ports 5
MiniPCI 0
Integrated Wireless 0
Memory Cards 0
Power Jack 10-28V
802.3af support No
PoE 10-28V
Voltage Monitor No
PCB temperature monitor No
CPU temperature monitor No
Temperature range -30C to +60C
RouterOS License Level5
Current Monitor No
RB4xx Series @300Mhz (Ethernet only test)64 byte frames512 byte frames1518 byte frames
IP FirewallConntrackModeMbpsFpsMbpsFpsMbpsFps
off off Bridging 43.26 84500 199.48 48700 199.16 16400
on off Routing 28.26 55200 199.48 48700 199.16 16400
on off Bridging 25.19 49200 188.42 46000 199.16 16400
on on Routing 21.81 42600 167.12 40800 199.16 16400
on on Bridging 18.48 36100 135.17 33000 199.16 16400
  1. All throughput tests done with Xena Networks specialized test system and RouterOS v5, according RFC2544, with Ethernet frame sizes 64, 512, 1518 bytes.
    Each board is tested with specified number of Ethernet interfaces, to ensure optimal load on hardware.
  2. Values in Italics indicate that the maximum possible throughput was reached, limited only by ethernet ports themselves.
  3. Test results show device maximum performance, and are reached using optimal hardware and software configuration, different configurations most likely will result in lower results.